RIDES Institute



Background and purpose of the RIDES Institute


For the last three years, RIDES has curated over 150 practices and  partnered with a dozen traditional and charter schools, as well as six Boston-area school districts, to develop tools and processes to build more diverse and equitable schools.  For the first time, in 2018-19, we are offering what we have learned to schools across the country.  On September 25, we will share details of the RIDES Institute, a year-long equity improvement program that brings together a limited number of schools for a blend of face-to-face and virtual learning.  The goal of the Institute is to help schools that are “desegregated” – meaning they have diverse bodies in their buildings—become more fully “integrated”—  places where all children learn at high levels, feel included, appreciate their own and other cultures, understand racism, and work to dismantle it.  At the info session, you will learn about the community expectations, community outcomes, and next steps for schools and districts wishing to engage with us this year.  

What is the RIDES Institute?

The RIDES Institute is a unique opportunity for six school teams (joined by 1-2 members from their accompanying district or charter management organization leaders) to:  

  • Use assessments and tools to support your learning on what  equitable practice looks like within your school community
  • Build the capacity of your team to personally reflect on equity and diversity and experience transformative experiences around race, and equity
  • Engage in data-driven cycles of improvement specifically tailored to your goals in increasing academic outcomes and sense of belonging for ALL students, developing an understanding and commitment to dismantle racism and oppression, and increasing the appreciation of diversity in your setting.  
  • Support sustainable transformative changes in your school/district community and build a sense of collective impact
  • Learn from and with other school leaders across the country, along with RIDES faculty and coaches.

What does it mean to commit to the RIDES Institute? 

The RIDES Institute is a full school-year process that is broken down into key areas of engagement:

  • Teams will participate in 5 on campus days (includes 2 day launch on 11/8-11/9/2018  and participation in the RIDES second annual “Beyond Desegregation” National Conference, May/June 2019)  
  • Using a variety of assessment tools, school teams will identify areas of equity improvement to work on in their own setting and will be supported over the year with:
    • 6 meetings virtual meetings, spanning 2-3 hours each, to introduce new content for each phase of the RIDES equity improvement cycle.
    • Monthly site check in calls (1-1.5 hours) with RIDES faculty on progress
    • Virtual executive coaching for school leaders (up to 15 hours over the year, to help teams move ahead in the process-- scheduled as needed.  
  • Because this is the pilot year for the Institute, and participants will be providing feedback along the way, the costs are reduced to $8500 for a team of 5-7.   This includes food at the November Launch and complementary enrollment in the Spring Conference.  It does not include costs of travel or other meals.

For more information

Our webinar will provide more detailed information about the Institute and the application process and timeline.