What do diverse schools and systems do to go from being desegregated to being truly integrated?

RIDES provides a variety of resources designed to support deeper work in improving equity outcomes. The resources include articles, websites, books, topical summaries, coaching tools, assessments and more. These resources are designed to suggest strategies and to highlight promising practices that may be useful to practitioners.

There are two primary entrance points to the RIDES tools – The Systemic Improvement Map and the ABCD themes. Multiple points of entry will make it easy to find what you are looking for and to navigate back and forth. Whether you have a targeted strategy to improve equity – a Problem of Practice – or you want to learn about an area such as one of the ABCDs, each topic is a hyper link that takes you to a list of practices and tools, organized under that topic.




The Systemic Improvement Map includes 7 key levers of education – Students, Teachers, Curriculum, Leadership, Family and Community Partnerships, Systems and Structures, and Culture. Click on any of these areas to see a list of research briefs, articles, case studies and examples of schools using promising practices.




At the heart of the RIDES project are the four esssential components: Academics, Belonging, Commitment to dismantling racism, and Diversity (A B C D). When you click on these themes you can find relevant practices.  



Enriching academics to support culturally appropriate, 21st century curriculum goals


Creating healthy and inclusive learning environments

C-Commitment to dismantling racism and oppression

Supporting personal and professional commitment to interrupting systemic privilege and oppressi


Embracing diversity as an asset to support accelerated, equitable achievement 

In addition, RIDES provides a set of processes to accompany these tools and guide schools and systems that are ready to start reimagining integration.

Please be in touch if you would like us know about other practice-related materials that you think should be shared here.