Reimagining Integration: Diverse & Equitable Schools Project (RIDES) Mission

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Reimagining Integration: Diverse & Equitable Schools Project (RIDES)


The mission of RIDES is to disrupt systemic inequality in America's schools by building individual and team capacity to tackle race and racism, and supporting the use of improvement tools, practices and examples that help schools, districts, and charter management organizations promote diversity, equity, and true integration.


Our vision is for all children to learn at high levels, feel included, appreciate their own and other cultures, understand racism, and work to dismantle it.


Although many people use the words interchangeably, there is an important difference between "desegregation"-- which focuses on gaining diverse bodies in our school buildings, and true "integration" where schools provide all students with strong academics, a sense of belonging, a commitment to understanding and dismantling racism, and an appreciation of diversity.   Read more


Currently funded by the Harvard Graduate School of Education and the Walton Family Foundation, our strategy to accomplish this mission is to educate the public, collaborate with other educators, and train future leaders.


Educate the Public:

Virtual Community Webinar Series

RIDES offers free monthly online webinars on topics connected to diversity, equity, and integration in education, featuring guest speakers and an interactive platform for educators to engage with each other.  Read more

Digital Resources

The RIDES website provides 150+ promising practices, articles, cases, white papers and videos curated by our team for use by researchers and practitioners around the country. Read more

Blogs and Newsletter

Our monthly newsletter and biweekly blog provide updates on our work, featured case studies and practices, as well as commentary on current education issues. Read more

Conference Presentations

Our staff regularly presents the RIDES approach at national conferences and workshops, including at the American Educational Research Association Annual Meeting, Teachers College Reimagining Education Conference, Boston Public Schools Equity Conference, the Magnet Schools Assistance Program and the Alumni of Color Conference at Harvard University.


Collaborate with Educators:

The RIDES Institute

The RIDES Institute at the Harvard Graduate School of Education is a seven-month program that blends face-to-face on-campus learning with virtual webinars and individualized coaching to support schools transitioning from a "desegregated" environment to an "integrated" environment.  Read more

Annual Conference

The annual Beyond Desegregation National Conference brings together schools, systems, and thought leaders from around the country to share challenges, experiences, and promising practices in K-12 education. This three-day program features distinguished guest speakers, practicioner-focused presentations, performances, and film screenings.  Read more  


RIDES collaborates on programming and mutual learning with national and regional organizations with similar equity and integration missions, such as The Diverse Charter School Coalition, Connecticut Center for School Change, the Educational Trust, Teaching Tolerance, the federally-funded Equity Assistance Centers, Magnet Schools Assistance Program, The Century Foundation, and the National Coalition on School Diversity.

RIDES staff serve on the advisory committee for the Impact Campaign for America to Me, a documentary series about life in a desegregated school. Our team members help develop and review materials that support deep dialogue in local communities.

RIDES hosted an invitation-only strategic planning session in the spring of 2017, cosponsored with the National Coalition on School Diversity and The Century Foundation. This workshop convened key national organizations committed to equity and integration, to better coordinate activities and ongoing communication on education. 



The RIDES coaching program (under development) provides experienced equity and system coaches training and support in using RIDES tools and approaches to disrupt systemic inequity and promote true integration. We also offer advising services, providing  guidance on using the RIDES tools and approaches to disrupt systemic inequity and promote true integration.


Train Future Leaders:

RIDES Leadership Fellowship

The RIDES Fellowship funds, trains and equips Harvard graduate students with the knowledge and skills to lead schools, districts, and partner organizations towards true integration. Read more

Team Learning Time

The RIDES team, including leadership, Harvard students, staff and fellows—meet as a group on a monthly basis, to engage in dialogue around RIDES concepts. These meetings are the opportunity to grow and learn as a team, as well as keep abreast of current issues in education.

Students as Equity Agents & Partners

In several RIDES school sites, K-12 students work as agents of equity improvement alongside of adults, building their own leadership capacity as they contribute to helping their schools improve Read more


Approach to Systemic Change

RIDES offers a coordinated suite of tools, metrics, and approaches that support diversity, equity, and integration work, including:  

  • The RIDES Systemic Improvement Map helps schools and districts see the complex interconnected nature of equity work, avoiding single “silver bullet” solutions.  Read more

  • The RIDES Equity Improvement Cycle helps schools and districts develop a strong personal and team equity culture and then guides them through a structured process of creating a vision of equity in a specific area, gathering data to see gaps between vision and reality, diagnosing those data, and then developing and implementing and reflecting on a plan for action.  Read more

  • In Students as Equity Agents and Partners, students work as agents of change, not just subjects, alongside of teachers and administrators. Read more  

  • The RIDES Progress Assessment provides schools and systems a detailed rubric and self-scoring guide aligned with the ABCDs to spark discussion, focus equity improvement efforts, and serve as a benchmark for progress. Read more  

  • The RIDES-Panorama Education pilot is developing easy to use survey questions allow schools and systems to get direct input from students, staff and families on progress on the ABCDs. Read more