We partner with schools, school districts, and other educational institutions, bringing RIDES research and tools to their work reimagining integration. At the same time, what we learn through each collaboration informs and improves RIDES tools.

Boston Collegiate Charter School in Dorchester, Massachusetts has been a RIDES partner since spring 2015. HGSE students are working to support the school in achieving and sustaining a diverse student body, developing data systems to ensure equitable treatment of diverse students, and implementing effective instructional strategies to improve the academic performance of all students.

Bowman Elementary School in Lexington, Massachusetts became a RIDES partner in early 2016. There, HGSE students are working to support the implementation of the dismantling racism curriculum, conducting and analyzing survey data on students’ perceptions on race, and attending family engagement meetings.

At Blackstone Valley Prep in Cumberland, Rhode Island, HGSE students are supporting work on Culturally Responsive Teaching practices, helping the six schools in the BVP network articulate and work to achieve clear goals for what diversity and equity look like in their classrooms. We have been partners since the spring of 2015.

Cambridge Street Upper School in Cambridge, Massachusetts became a RIDES partner early in 2015. There, HGSE students are helping the school build on its strong track record in providing workshops and training for all staff on cultural proficiency, to build lasting capacity at the school and to increase the diversity of family engagement in the school community.

Derby High School and the Derby District Office in Derby, Connecticut, have been working with the RIDES framework to focus on the question, "what does a diverse and equitable classroom look and sound like?" The school has engaged many stakeholders in the process, with core group meetings, school-wide student presentations, community surveys, and district-wide instructional rounds with a focus on equity in the classroom. Derby first partnered with RIDES in October of 2016.

At Fletcher Maynard Academy in Cambridge, Massachusetts, HGSE students are helping collect data from surveys and interviews with parents, students, and educators, and through classroom observations, to help a recently-formed “Umbrella Taskforce” define, develop, and oversee equity work. FMA and RIDES started working together in 2015.

The Somerville Public Schools district office along with the Arthur D. Healey School and the East Somerville Community School, in Somerville, Massachusetts, have been RIDES partners since the spring of 2016. With them, HGSE students are gathering data to identify areas of focus for each school and for the district. They are also constructing a stakeholder map to understand the connections they need to look at when talking about issues of equity.

The Springfield Renaissance School in Springfield, Massachusetts has been a RIDES partner since spring of 2016. HGSE RIDES students are conducting focus groups with students and staff there, and using a variety of other data sources to help school leaders as they undergo critical conversations about race and equity with their staff, students, and families.

Tucker Elementary School in Milton, Massachusetts and HGSE students from the RIDES team have been working together to help the school community better connect with and support families since 2015. The goal is to nurture partnership opportunities and courageous conversations, and through these, for families to feel more respected, included, and invested in their children’s academic lives, and to feel more accepted and included in the school community.