Why - Institute Objectives

  • Implement tools, processes, and assessments to help teams gain a deeper understanding of how equitable practice can work in individual school communities 
  • Cultivate the ability of participating teams to reflect on equity and diversity, as well as collectively experience the power of transformative moments around race and inclusion 
  • Demonstrate one cycle of data-driven improvement by the program’s conclusion, tailored to the goals of individual school communities in: 
    • Generating better academic outcomes and fostering a sense of belonging for ALL students 
      • Committing to combat and dismantle racism and oppression 
      • Helping students, families, and staff more fully appreciate diversity and its impact within the school setting 
      • Foster a school culture that values transformative changes and the impact these changes bring to the school setting 
      • Develop a community of practice where teams can learn from cohort members, as well as RIDES faculty and coaches