K-12 Race Conscious Student Assignment Policies

This article examines student assignment policies in light of the Supreme Court's recent decisions concerning affirmative action at universities. It explores the legal implications of differences between higher education and K-12 schooling, considering what the differences might mean for particular diversity goals and for policies designed to meet those goals. 

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Type Research Tied to Outcomes
How to Use

District leaders may utilize this report to read with senior leadership and legal staff to further understand the effects of K-12 student diversity and legal considerations when developing student assignment policies.

Alignment to RIDES Assessment

Systems/ Structures (1) Enrollment policies and practices at all levels (school, district, Charter Management Organization, region, etc.) ensure a diverse student body

ABCD - Diversity 


Welner, K. G. (2006). K-12 Race-Conscious Student Assignment Policies: Law, Social Science, and Diversity. Review of Educational Research, 76(3), 349-382. doi:10.3102/00346543076003349

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