How Students of Color Confront Imposter Syndrome

Through sharing her personal experience as both a student and teacher, Dena Simmons shares how academic spaces often undermine the identities, experiences, and cultures of students of color. In addition, she discusses how to create classrooms that “guarantees the safety to learn in the comfort of one's own skin.”

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At the end of Dr. Simmons’ talk she shares, “So what did that look like? I centered my instruction on the lives, histories and identities of my students. … I provided them with a loving classroom that made them feel proud of who they are, that made them know that they mattered.” For your school and classrooms perhaps ask the question: what would it look like if you centered students’ identities? How would you know if students felt proud of their histories? What do you need to understand about them in order to create a validating learning community?

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Simmons, D. (2015). Dena Simmons: How students of color confront imposter syndrome [Video file].

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