The Detracking Movement

Tracking has been a longstanding strategy in schools. First used as a way to provide instruction to more diverse groups, the strategy now has become a manner to “track” students based on perceived academic ability toward post-secondary options. This article discusses the backlash of the tracking movement and the negative implications for students. 

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For School Leaders: Read this article with school-based staff to reflect on the ways in which the school is supporting or dismantling the academic tracking system in their school. This could be particularly helpful to read in the spring/ summer as school-based staff are preparing the academic schedule for the next school year. 

For District Leaders: Read this article with school leaders and staff responsible for creating master schedules for schools. This article will highlight the historical intent for the tracking system and can push current leaders to reflect on their school mission’s and how student academic placement supports that mission. 

For Counselors/ Teachers: Read this article prior to scheduling students in courses. This could be particularly helpful for high school staff to read and discuss during the spring as they prepare to schedule students for the fall. 

Alignment to RIDES Assessment

Systems/ Structures - 2) Within-school policies and practices ensure student diversity in all classes (no tracking, no disproportional enrollments in honors or special education classes, etc.)

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The Detracking Movement. (2017, January 11). Retrieved January 31, 2017

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