White Anti-Racist Biographies: Early Grade Lesson

This lesson plan from Tolerance.org provides an outline and resources reflecting examples of white people taking actions against racism in solidarity with people of color.  The “biographies” are short and the readings are accessible for a range of elementary grades.  This displays a very concrete way for teachers of younger children to meaningfully discuss anti-racism.

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TypeExample - Lesson Plan
How to Use

As an individual: Read, reflect on, and adapt these short stories to your setting if appropriate.  Match them with relevant reading, writing, or critical thinking standards.  

As a staff: Consider your student and teacher population and determine if discussing white anti-racism would help you achieve your goals around equity, justice, and belonging.

Related Media

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Alignment to RIDES Assessment



“White Anti-Racist Biographies: Early Grade Lesson.” Tolerance.org. Retrieved from http://www.tolerance.org/activity/white-anti-racist-biographies-early-grades.

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