7. Leadership

The manner in which school leaders engage in their work can have a large influence on a school’s academic outcomes, culture of belongingness, collective commitment to dismantling racism, and appreciation of diversity (the ABCDs of RIDES). School leadership is fundamental to reform efforts within schools. Without committed, capable, courageous leaders, no school or school system is able to improve instruction; become a strong community partner; or develop a vibrant, supportive student-centered culture. As schools work toward developing environments that are inclusive of a diverse student body, the role of the leader becomes ever more apparent as they enact the changes necessary to transform the school culture toward true integration. You can read our entire white paper on this topic here.

This section is designed to assist leaders in identifying issues, strategies and tools to support their commitment to diverse and equitable outcomes. By looking at case studies, demonstration projects, web sites and articles, leaders can clarify the importance of diversity and equity initiatives, articulate what is involved in their initiatives and explain how the elements are connected. We hope these resources will help leaders build trust, make decisions that prioritize equity and help dismantle institutional racism. These resources emphasize the importance for leaders to share authority with parents and community members
and to be transparent about their journey towards greater understanding of biases, race, social justice and related topics.