Host a Fellow

Bring a RIDES Leadership Fellow on board to help your school or system meet your diversity and equity goals.


In the spring of 2019, seven carefully selected and trained Harvard graduate students will have completed the first year of the RIDES Leadership Fellowship, and will be ready for positions advancing the work of racial and economic integration in schools, systems and supporting organizations.

In addition to meeting the rigorous requirements of their Masters or Doctoral programs, our Fellows will be trained in approaches to equity improvement developed by RIDES. During their first fellowship year, they will serve as facilitators, coaches, or researchers, working with the promising practices, metrics, coaching, and other systemic improvement approaches used by RIDES and its school and system partners.   They will receive individualized coaching to build on and round out their skills, coursework, and practical experiences to prepare them for leadership roles working toward diversity, equity, and integration.

Here's where you come in: During the second year (2019-20), Fellows will go into one of two kinds of paid positions focusing on integration, corresponding to the type of graduate program in which they are enrolled and their work interests.  Some Fellows will have completed Masters degrees in programs like the School Leadership, Education, Policy and Management, or Teaching and Learning Programs, that prepare them to lead a school or non-profit organization.  They will be seeking paid employment in school or non-profit school support organizational level leadership positions and/or getting ready to start integrated schools.

Others will be completing the second year of the three year Doctor of Educational Leadership (Ed.L.D.) program, and will be seeking paid, system-level residencies, where they continue to learn under the mentorship of senior system leaders, focusing their work on system-level integration.  These candidates will complete a Capstone describing their work and supervisors of Ed.L.D. Residents will commit to and participate the residency in particular ways alongside other organizations in the sector, for the 10-month duration of the residency (for instance, supervisors will participate in three meetings at Harvard across the course of the year.  For full information for Ed.L.D. Residency Partners, please see here.)   

In either type of placement, second-year Fellows will remain connected to Harvard and RIDES and be supported through continuing individual coaching.  

If the prospect of having a committed, highly prepared RIDES Leadership Fellow join your organization in June 2019 is appealing to you, please send your name and contact information to along with a brief description of your school, district, or organization and the role(s) you would hope a Fellow would play. We will then engage in a deeper discussion with you about what the possible work areas the potential Fellow would do related to diversity, equity, and integration.