RIDES Leadership Fellowship

The RIDES project at HGSE has concluded on June 30, 2021.

Please note that RIDES is no longer accepting applications for the leadership fellowship.

The RIDES Leadership Fellowship is designed to support passionate leaders who are committed to achieving equity and integration in American schools. The purpose of the Fellowship is to prepare Fellows to take on leadership roles in starting or sustaining schools, districts, charter systems, and partnering organizations that promote racial and economic diversity and equity.

The Fellowship is a two-year commitment beginning in summer of 2019. In the first-year, Fellows will focus on the relevant skills for starting, leading, and improving schools, systems, and related organizations in their master's or doctoral programs. Along with their coursework, Fellows will engage in skill-development, coaching, networking and—working with RIDES research projects focused on diversity, equity and integration.

In the second year, Fellows will work in a school, school system charter management organization, or related organization, overseeing high priority initiatives related to race, equity, diversity, and integration. For master’s students, this will be getting a job as they continue to hone their skills in leading this work; for doctoral students this will be their residency placement, and they will be working with RIDES to develop and identify a suitable EdLD residency. All Fellows are eligible for receiving Harvard payroll or receive reimbursement equivalents totaling $20,000 over the two-year Fellowship.

Over the two years, all Fellows will receive ongoing coaching and networking opportunities within the larger RIDES community as well as an Individual Learning Account to facilitate customized needs for travel, conferences, and site visits.




In the first year, fellows attend seminars to learn the RIDES systemic tools to support integration that complements coursework. Fellows will also receive individualized coaching to support personal development to integrate RIDES work and the coursework to prepare them for the leadership roles they will play in year two of the Fellowship.


As a RIDES team member, fellows will contribute to external projects with school partners or support the development of the RIDES project internally.


By participating in national convenings and local workshops, fellows will build relationships with a community of leaders and school practitioners engaged in this work.


In the second-year, fellows will secure a leadership role in a school, organization, or system to support the development and transformation of schools from the inside-out to become equitable and diverse. Doctoral students enrolled in the EdLD program will align this work with their third-year Residency placement.