4. Family & Community Partnerships

The manner in which schools engage families and community members or organizations as partners in their work can have a large influence on a school’s academic outcomes, culture of belongingness, collective commitment to dismantling racism, and appreciation of diversity (the ABCDs of RIDES). This paper will give a theoretical and historical overview of the practice of family and community engagement in diverse schools, focusing on both challenges and opportunities. It will also offer a selection of promising practices that school leaders and teachers, families, and community members can utilize to strengthen their partnership and create more equitable outcomes in their efforts to move toward true integration. You can read our entire white paper on this topic here.

Below are practices designed to assist parents and community members as participants in school decision-making and culture building. Strategies highlight community outreach efforts with diverse populations creating school partnerships with a racially and economically diverse set of stakeholders, drawing on community assets
and engaging in courageous conversations about race, class, expectations, and the role of education in the community.