RIDES coachingSchools and systems don’t just need to know WHAT to do to help them develop better integrated schools and WHO will do the work, they need to know HOW to do it. They need processes, roadmaps, and guidance on how to organize and plan for equity improvement work; how to customize the tools and practices, to figure out which levers make the most sense to use in their specific context, and to assess progress using a set of metrics toward desired outcomes.

In the coming years, we plan to flesh out and augment coaching materials, like agendas, protocols, and articles for meetings, short videos and written cases that present coaching dilemmas on which coaches can practice, and notes on customization—how in different contexts, schools and systems use different pathways to achieving their diversity, equity, and integration goals. Coaching materials will specifically address how to engage a variety of stakeholders—students, parents, community members, as well as teachers and school and system and partner organization leaders—in the equity improvement work. They will provide guidance in how to use a stronger and more detailed set of metrics to assess progress a site is making in each stage of the process—and to map those against the site’s desired integration outcomes.

Stay connected! There's much more to come on this front.