What reviewers are saying about "America to Me," which will be featured at RIDES Conference on May 29

"James’ docuseries declares that now is a time for urgency, and the first three hours make quite the compelling case...Chicago’s Oak Park and River Forest High School is considered an elite institution, home to a diverse student population that represents America as a whole...But there’s a problem at this seemingly ideal school: Test scores are on the rise for white students, but black students aren’t seeing any progress. The gap is growing, even though it appears all students are being given the same opportunities. And no one knows why."

-Ben Travers, Indie Wire

"There are some indelible portraits here, of struggling, striving, hopeful teenagers and of instructors and administrators up against obstacles they can see and hear, as well as more elusive matters of racial bias, ingrained prejudice, white privilege...and opposing educational beliefs."

-Michael Phillips, The Chicago Tribune

"Directed by Steve James, 'America to Me' has a different energy that most films about young life in the ‘10s, largely because the lengthy running time allows the production to breathe in ways that most documentary films don’t, but also because of James’ deep humanism, one that challenges preconceptions and conveys a deep love for his fellow man."

-Brian Tallerico, RogerEbert.com

On Tuesday, May 29, we'll kick-off our conference with a screening of part of America to Me, a docuseries about race at a Chicago area high school that is diverse, but far from equitable. If you're interested in being among the first to see this amazing film, register for our conference today!