Four Ways to Move Forward with Diversity, Equity, and Integration Work this Year

We hope you are off to a great start this school year.  As you continue to work on making your school or district one where all children learn at high levels, feel included, appreciate their own and other cultures, understand racism, and work to dismantle it, below are four suggestions for this year, and one for the next.

1- Apply for the  RIDES Institute 

For the last three years, the Reimagining Integration:  Diverse and Equitable Schools (RIDES) Project at Harvard has curated over 150 practices and partnered with a dozen traditional and charter schools, as well as six Boston-area school districts, to develop tools and processes to build more diverse and equitable schools.  For the first time, in 2018-19, we are offering what we have learned to schools across the country. You can read about the and access the application (due on October 5) at this link.

2- Participate in the RIDES Virtual Community Webinar Series

This new webinar series will focus on hot topics that charter and district schools have identified as key challenge areas in moving beyond desegregation to real integration.  Each webinar will be free and held monthly after work – for maximum participation—starting at 7 PM Eastern and will each feature brief framing of a common challenge along with practical examples of how schools and districts are addressing it.  The dates of the first three webinars are November 1, December 13, and January 10. Be on the lookout for more information about how to register.  

3 - Consider a five-day course in instructional observation and improvement

For the last eight years Instructional Rounds Institutes have prepared hundreds of educators in public, private and charter schools and districts to bring about deep and sustained improvement in the learning and teaching that is at the heart of their schools.  The Instructional Rounds Institute is co-chaired by Lee Teitel, RIDES Faculty Director, and the rounds practice serves as the basis for key areas of the RIDES Equity Improvement Cycle. Through breakout sessions and a visit to a local RIDES affiliated school, the Instructional Rounds institute (December 10-14) will offer participants opportunities to learn ways to apply the Instructional Rounds approach to their work on equity and integration.  After reading about the Rounds institute here,  if you’d like to apply, please click on the Apply button found here.  If you have further questions about how this Institute could be useful to your integration work, contact:

4 - Use a new documentary series to spark deep conversations about race and equity in schools

America to Me is a great 10-session docu-series about life in a racially diverse school that can serve as an excellent way to focus and mobilize people in your community on persistent racial inequities.  RIDES Director of Practices, Dr. Stacy Scott and Director Teitel have been on the advisory group supporting their 10-city launch where small group discussion leaders can use carefully developed materials and guides to use the episodes to spark deep discussion about race, schooling, inequity and more.  For more information, visit:   Also, RIDES Director of Coaching, Dr. Darnisa Amante, is supporting watch group leaders.   If you are interested in talking with RIDES about how to use the documentary series to trigger or support your efforts at equity improvement, write to with the subject line: “America to Me Follow-up Approaches.”

AND …. Look ahead to next year with a RIDES Leadership Fellow

RIDES is proud to be preparing the next generation of school and system leaders committed to diversity, equity, and integration.  Learn more about the Fellowship here, meet the seven Fellows here, and find out the process for trying to get one of these well trained, committed individuals to help your site address its diversity and equity challenges next year.

Warm regards,

Lee Teitel and the RIDES team