Belonging Resources: Books

"MULTIPLICATION is for WHITE PEOPLE" - Raising Expectations for Other People's Children

by Lisa Delpit


Book exploring historical context for the current status of educating children of color and providing practices to raise expectations for teaching and learning of all students.

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A Culturally Proficient Society Begins in School: Leadership for Equity

by Carmella S. Franco, Maria G. Ott, Darline P. Robles

Cultural book

Book chronicling the childhoods and careers of three Latina superintendents offering lessons to equity leaders around barriers to educational opportunity; conditions to promote success of underserved students; ways to leverage culture as an asset; and links between high-quality education of some and excellence for all. 

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Can We Talk about Race?

By Beverly Tatum


Book of essays about race and schools that provides opportunities for critical, reflective conversations about race, racism, and education.

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Culturally Responsive Teaching & The Brain

By Zaretta Hammond


Book linking neuroscience research and culturally responsive teaching and learning for students of color.

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Leading for Equity: The Pursuit of Excellence in Montgomery County Schools

By Stacey M. Childress, Denis P. Doyle, David A. Thomas

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Other People's Children

By Lisa Delpit

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Promising Practices for Teachers to Engage Families of English Language Learners

By Diana Hiatt-Michael 



Book describing practices for culturally-sensitive parent engagement

See Chapter 5 for classroom strategies to better engage diverse families.

See Chapter 6 for insight into common failures of parent-education programs and strategies for avoiding deficit-based approaches to school-family partnerships.


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Striving for Equity: District Leadership for Narrowing Opportunity and Achievement Gaps

By Robert G. Smith and S. David Brazer


Book based on interviews with thirteen superintendents about their experiences narrowing opportunity and achievement gaps as part of the Minority Student Achievement Network (MSAN). 

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