Belonging Resources: Articles


A New Report Shows School Discipline Is Meted Out Unequally According to Race, Gender, and Ability

By Rachelle Hampton

Article exploring 2018 Government Accountability Office study which found disproportionate disciple practices across racial groups in K-12 schools.
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African American Parents Before and After Brown

By Cheryl Fields-Smith

Paper offering a pre- and post-Brown retrospective on African American parental involvement in school districts in the southeastern United States.
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Before and after School Desegregation: African-American Parents' Involvement in Schools

By Patricia Edwards

Article describing the efforts since desegregation to invite African-American parents to become involved in school affairs. 
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Building Trust with Schools and Diverse Families

By Cori Brewster and Jennifer Railsback

Article exploring trust, culture, and family involvement in the context of family-school partnerships. 
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Creating An Intentionally Diverse School: Lessons Learned

By New Schools Venture Fund

See pages of 5-7 for a description of how intentionally diverse schools can create a culture of belonging for students. 
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Culturally Responsive Instruction Observation Protocol

By Powell, Rebecca; Cantrell, Susan Chambers; Malo-Juvera, Victor; Correll, Pamela

Culturally Responsive Instruction Observation Protocol (CRIOP) for teacher professional development and summary of tool's impact. 
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Culturally Responsive Teaching Innovation Configuration

By Terese Aceves, Michael Orosco for University of Florida's CEEDAR Center

Article detailing themes and practices for Culturally Responsive Teaching - also includes Culturally Responsive Teaching Innovation Configuration tool for identifying Culturally Responsive teaching elements within academic course syllabi.
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Denver Center for International Studies at Fairmont


Best practices from Denver Center for International Studies at Fairmont, a Denver Public Schools magnet school centering equity in the ways they engage families and community. 
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Diversity: School, Family, & Community Connections Annual Research Synthesis 2003

By Southwest Educational Development Laboratory

Review of school-family partnership research. 
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Do We Still Segregate Students?


Article exploring current tracking practices and detracking efforts in schools. 
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Family Engagement in Education: Seven Principals for Success

By Michaela W. Colombo

Article exploring the Parent Partnership for Achieving Literacy at Methuen Public Schools and its success building bridges between teachers and culturally diverse parents.
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Family Literacy Nights and Other Home-School Connections

By Joanna Smith, Chuan Ally Kuzin, Kris De Pedro Priscilla Wohlstetter

Guide offering seven strategies for better family-school partnerships. 
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Framework for Understanding Whiteness in Mathematics Education

By Dan Battey & Luis Leyva

Article describing mathematics as a racialized space to understand how whiteness in mathematics education oppresses students of color and influences White students to reproduce racial privilege. 
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Hearing the Lions Story


Article exploring use of storytelling to empower students to describe and address racial stress. 

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In Pursuit of Equality: A Framework for Equity Strategies in Competency-Based Education

By Chris Sturgis

Article unpacking the concept of equity in competency-based learning, reviewing key equity strategies that have been developed to serve historically underserved students, and offering frameworks for discussion.
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Integrated Schools, Segregated Curriculum

By KM Walsemann and BA Bell

Article examining the impact of within-school segregation on students' behavior and educational aspirations. 
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Leading and Learning With Diverse Families in Schools: Critical Epistemology Amid Communities of Practice

By Cooper, Camille Wilson; Riehl, Carolyn J.; Hasan, Angela Laila

Article highlighting the danger of deficit-based views of diverse families when building school-family partnerships. 
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Lifting Up Our Kings: Developing Black Males in a Positive and Safe Space

By Chris Chatmon and Richard Gray

Article describing Office of African American Male Achievement in California’s Oakland School District which focuses on changing the narrative about young African American males. 
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Literacy Practices For African-American Male Adolescents by Alfred W. Tatum

By Alfred Tatum

Report exploring practice for literacy development for African-American male adolescents that includes cognitive, psychological, biological, and socio-historical perspectives on student-centered learning.
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Long-Run Impacts of Same-Race Teachers

By Seth Gershenson, Constance A. Lindsay, Cassandra M. D. Hart, Nicholas W. Papageorge

Paper exploring the long-term impacts of students' experiences learning from a same-race teacher. 
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Parental School Involvement and Children's Academic Achievement

By Nancy E. Hill, Lorraine C. Taylor

Study outlinging mechanisms through which parental school involvement affects achievement and identifying how patterns and amounts of involvement vary across cultural, economic, and community contexts and across developmental levels. 
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Patterns of Policy Perspectives on Diversity in Teaching and School Leadership

By Leslie Fenwick

Policy paper discussing and offering solutions for the state of diversity of teachers and its relationship to quality.
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Reaching Out to Diverse Populations: What Can Schools Do to Foster Family-School Connections?

By Southwest Educational Development Laboratory

Guide for building family-school connections with diverse parent populations. 
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Remedying School Segregation: How New Jersey’s Morris School District Chose to Make Diversity Work


Report outlining Morris School District's (NJ) ongoing commitment to integration. 
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Restructuring and Reculturing Schools to Provide Students with Multiple Pathways to College and Career

By Mehan Hugh

Article presenting "detracking" efforts at The Preuss School in San Diego to adopt "multiple pathways" to college and career readiness. 
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Student-Centered Learning How Four Schools Are Closing the Opportunity Gap

By Diane Friedlaender

Case studies of four California high schools excelling with student-centered learning models. 
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Teachers at Work—Six Exemplars of Everyday Practice

By Barbara Cervone, Kathleen Cushman for Jobs For The Future

Report detailing the core elements of student-centered learning, the teacher's role in student-centered environments, and professional learning considerations to support implementation of both. 
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Teaching Tolerance Classroom Culture

By Teaching Tolerance

Report outlining 5 strategies for building a classroom culture conducive to anti-bias education. 
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The School-to-Prison Pipeline


Article explaing school-to-prison pipeline and offering school and district level best practices for discipline. 
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To Close the Teacher Diversity Gap, Start with Education Schools

By Dan Weisberg

Blog post attributing K-12 teacher diversity gap to lack of diversity in higher education teacher preparation programs. 
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Transgressions: Teaching According to bell hooks

By Susan E. Hill, Linda May Fitzgerald, Joel Haack, Scharron Clayton

Article describing what it looks like to teach to transgress according to bell hooks' framework. 
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Vital Voices: Lessons Learned from Board Members of Color

By Vernetta L. Walker and Deborah J. Davidson

Article offering a process for diversifying a board and insight into the experiences of board members of color.
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White Students Reflecting on Whiteness: Understanding Emotional Responses

By Nathan R. Todd, Lisa B. Spanierman, Mark S. Aber

Study interviewing white students on Whiteness in which the impact of racial color-blindness and racial affect on white students are explored.
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Youth Rising: Centering Youth Voice in the Quest for Equitable and Inclusive Schools

By Taucia Gonzalez, Larry D. Love, Mary L. Johnson, Ninoska Picón, Josué Velázquez

Article showcasing story of billingual students using youth participatory action research (YPAR) as a means to center their voices in school change efforts. 
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