RIDES distinguishes between desegregation and true integration, that creates diverse, equitable, and inclusive schools.


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RIDES works with schools, districts, and charter management organizations to promote diversity, equity, and true integration.

Where to begin: The RIDES Progress Assessment 


How to proceed: The RIDES Equity Improvement Cycle 

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How we accomplish our mission

“Unless our children begin to learn together, then there is little hope that our people will ever learn to live together.”

—Thurgood Marshall
Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States

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A New Metaphor for School Turnaround 

As a child, I always watered the leaves of plants.  I poured water onto blooming orchid buds and even submerged individual chilis on our pequin pepper plant in cups of water, whispering to them drink up.  My mother would frequently redirect me, sharing her position that plants drank water from the roots and that my attempts to feed the flora through other methods were at best ineffective and at worst injurious for delicate petals and siblings surprised by slippery floors. 


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