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"There will always be excuses."

Last spring, we asked the educators, administrators, and students to sit down with us and talk about their reasons for pursuing integrated schools.

Jamie Smith was teaching at Bowman Elementary School in Lexington, MA at the time.

When Smith was a child, she was one of the only students of color in her class, an experience she describes "as having to do a very narrow tight-rope walk trip every day."

That feeling is what inspires her to work toward true integration today. 

"We've struggled, and it's important that the...

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Reflecting on pathways to equity

Last Saturday, our local school and district partners joined Harvard students in RIDES courses for our annual Pathways to Equity conference, where we reflect on our work over the past school year. Educators and students shared their challenges and successes as they pursue true integration, as well as steps they're excited to take next year.

Watch a glimpse of from the conference, and hear how participants describe the work around school integration, here...

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“Unless our children begin to learn together, then there is little hope that our people will ever learn to live together.”

—Thurgood Marshall
Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States